Allah is the Most Merciful and the Most Gracious. Even though mankind commits sins Allah has created many opportunities for humans to turn back to him.

Fasting was made compulsory for humans so that their taqwa (God-consciousness) will be increased. 

O you who have believed, decreed upon you is fasting as it was decreed upon those before you that you may become righteous

Quran Chapter 02 Verse 183

Ramadan is the month to attain taqwa; to learn good habits, to stay away from sins and attain the blessings of Allah. This is the month in which a night which is the most blessed in expected. Laylathul Qadr, also known as “the night of power” or “the night of decree” is a very noble night and is better than a thousand months. 

Why is Laylathul Qadr better than all the other nights?

Prophet (ﷺ) said, “Whosoever performs Qiyam during Lailat-ul-Qadr (Night of Decree), with Faith and being hopeful of Allah’s reward, will have his former sins forgiven.”

Al-Bukhari and Muslim Book 9, Hadith 199
  • Anyone who strives to attain the blessings of Allah in this night, he will get all the benefits. Also, whoever is deprived of this night, then he is a truly a deprived person. 

“The Messenger of Allah said: ‘There has come to you Ramadan, a blessed month, which Allah, the Mighty and Sublime, has enjoined you to fast. In it the gates of heavens are opened and the gates of Hell are closed, and every devil is chained up. In it Allah has a night which is better than a thousand months; whoever is deprived of its goodness is indeed deprived.”‘

Sunan an-Nasa’i 2106

How to attain the full benefits of Laylathul Qadr?

Qiyam Al Lail

Night prayer is one of the best acts of worship one can do in this blessed night. Our beloved Prophet (PBUH) sought Laylathul Qadr in the last ten days. He used to pray all night and keep his family awake for prayers.

Narrated Aisha:

With the start of the last ten days of Ramadan, the Prophet (ﷺ) used to tighten his waist belt (i.e. work hard) and used to pray all the night, and used to keep his family awake for the prayers.

Sahih al-Bukhari 2024

Also, our Prophet explained the merits of praying on this night of decree as a form of expiation of sins.  

He who prayed on the Lailat-ul-Qadr (the Majestic Night) knowing that it is (the same night). I (believe) that he (the Prophet also) said: (He who does) it with faith and seeking reward (from Allah), his sins would be forgiven.

Sahih Muslim 760

The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “Whosoever performs Qiyam during Lailat-ul-Qadr (Night of Decree), with Faith and being hopeful of Allah’s reward, will have his former sins forgiven.”

Al-Bukhari and Muslim Book 9, Hadith 199

When asked about the Prophet’s night prayer to Aisha (rali) she narrated in the Sahih al-Bukhari 3569

He used not to pray more than eleven rak`at whether in Ramadan or in any other month. He used to offer four rak`at, let alone their beauty and length, and then four rak`at, let alone their beauty and length. Afterwards he would offer three rak`at. I said, ‘O Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ)! Do you go to bed before offering the witr prayer?’ He said, ‘My eyes sleep, but my heart does not sleep

Apart from all the compulsory (fardh) prayers, Allah recognizes the night prayer with a higher status. Salah is one of the acts of worship which is very close to Allah. We can obtain the love of Allah through salah. Therefore by offering night prayer, we can reap the maximum benefits of the blessed night. How important is to offer salah? check here

Asking Lots of Dua

All humans commit sins without any exceptions. However the best of people are those who repent for their sins. Almighty Allah has opened up the doors of repentance on the night of Laylathul Qadr. Whoever seeks Allah’s mercy and sincerely repent on this blessed night, Allah will forgive him if He wills.

Our Prophet taught his last wife Aisha (rali) on the best dua anyone can say on the night of decree.  

I asked: “O Messenger of Allah! If I realize Lailat-ul-Qadr (Night of Decree), what should I supplicate in it?” He (ﷺ) replied, “You should supplicate: Allahumma innaka ‘afuwwun, tuhibbul-‘afwa, fa’fu ‘anni (O Allah, You are Most Forgiving, and You love forgiveness; so forgive me).”

At-Tirmidhi Book 9, Hadith 205

This is the night which increases the probability of our duas being accepted. Therefore making dua is one of the best worship one can do in this blessed night. We can ask duas that our Prophet has taught us or we can ask our own dua for victory in this life and the hereafter. Allah waits to respond to everyone’s dua.

And when My servants ask you, [O Muhammad], concerning Me – indeed I am near. I respond to the invocation of the supplicant when he calls upon Me. So, let them respond to Me [by obedience] and believe in Me that they may be [rightly] guided.

Quran Chapter 2 Verse 186

To Perform Ihthikaf in the masjid

The main purpose of performing Ihthikaf is to seek Laylathul Qadr. It is a highly recommended sunnah in the last ten days of Ramadan.

Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) used to practice I`tikaf in the last ten days of the month of Ramadan.

Sahih al-Bukhari 2025

Also the Prophet encouraged his sahabas (companions) to perform Ihthikaf in the last ten days to seek the night of power. 

Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) used to practice I`tikaf in the middle ten days of Ramadan and once he stayed in I`tikaf till the night of the twenty-first and it was the night in the morning of which he used to come out of his I`tikaf. The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “Whoever was in I`tikaf with me should stay in I`tikaf for the last ten days, for I was informed (of the date) of the Night (of Qadr) but I have been caused to forget it. (In the dream) I saw myself prostrating in mud and water in the morning of that night. So, look for it in the last ten nights and in the odd ones of them.” It rained that night and the roof of the mosque dribbled as it was made of leaf stalks of date-palms. I saw with my own eyes the mark of mud and water on the forehead of the Prophet (i.e. in the morning of the twenty-first).

Sahih al-Bukhari 2027

Recitation of Holy Quran

Reciting the Holy Quran is one of the best forms of worship. For every letter recited, the merits are multiplied. Reading Quran in the month of Ramadan is a highly recommended act. See all the benefits of reading Quran

Our Prophet uses to recite more Quran in this month. Every night, Prophet rehearses the Quran with Angel Jibreel (alai). 

The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) was the most generous of the men; and he was the most generous during the month of Ramadan when Jibril visited him every night and recited the Qur’an to him. During this period, the generosity of Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) waxed faster than the rain bearing wind.

Al-Bukhari and Muslim Book 9, Hadith 232

Therefore, it is a very recommended act of worship one can perform on the Laylathul Qadr.  

Good Deeds

Apart from the points mentioned above, we also can perform immense good deeds; Dhikr (remembrance of Allah), Charity i.e. feeding the poor are some of the acts we can perform on Laylathul Qadr. 

We should try our best to get all the benefits of this blessed night. We need to compete to seek the pleasure of Allah. Allah has made this night as a way for all of us to enter Jannah. Even if we cannot perform all the acts of worship, we need to make it a point not to commit ANY sins on this night, whether small or big. We pray to Allah that may all Muslims reap the maximum benefits and stay away from doing any sins on this blessed night.

When is Laylathul Qadr?

No one exactly knows when Laylathul Qadr is except Allah. However, Our Prophet has mentioned to seek it in the month of Ramadan in the last ten odd nights. 

Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) said, “Search for the Night of Qadr in the odd nights of the last ten days of Ramadan.”

Sahih al-Bukhari 2017

Salim reported on the authority of his father that a person saw Lailat-ul- Qadr on the 27th (of Ramadan). Thereupon Allah’s Apostle (ﷺ) said:

I see that your dreams agree regarding the last ten (nights of Ramadan). So seek it on an odd number (of these ten nights).

Sahih Muslim 1165

The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “Look for the Night of Qadr in the last ten nights of Ramadan,’ on the night when nine or seven or five nights remain out of the last ten nights of Ramadan (i.e. 21, 23, 25, respectively).

Sahih al-Bukhari 2021

Uyainah bin Abdur-Rahman narrated:

“My father narrated to me: ‘The Night of Al-Qadr was mentioned in the presence of Abu Bakrah, so he said: “I do not search for it due to something that I heard from the Messenger of Allah, except for during the last ten (nights); for indeed I heard him say: ‘Search for it when nine remain, or; when seven remain, or; when five remain, or; during the last three nights.'” He (Uyainah) said: “During the twenty (nights) of Ramadan, Abu Bakrah used to perform Salat just as he performed Salat during the rest of the year. But when the (last) ten began, he would struggle (performing more Salat during the night).

Jami` at-Tirmidhi 794

What are the signs of Laylathul Qadr

  • Sun Rises Bright Without Any Rays on the day following Laylathul Qadr

Zirr (b. Hubaish) reported:

I heard from Ubayy b. Ka’b a statement made by ‘Abdullah b. Mas’ud in which he said: He who gets up for prayer (every night) during the year will hit upon Lailat-ul-Qadr. Ubayy said: By Allah I there is no god but He, that (Lailat-ul-Qadr) is in Ramadhan (He swore without reservation: ) By Allah, I know the night; it is the night on which the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) commanded us to pray. It is that which precedes the morning of twenty-seventy and its indication is that the sun rises bright on that day without rays.

Sahih Muslim 762
  • The moon will rise like a part of bowl at the far end of the month

We were talking about Lailat-ul-Qadr in the presence of the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) and he said: He who amongst you remembers (the night) when the moon arose and it was like a piece of plate (at the fag end of the month in a state of waning).

Sahih Muslim 1170
  • This night will be neither too hot nor too cold – The night of Qadr, is a calm, serene and peaceful night. It is not hot nor it is cold. 

Why Didn’t Allah Reveal the Exact Night of Laylathul Qadr?

The main reason anyone can think why this night is kept secret is to make them worship throughout the last ten days of Ramadan. If this night had been revealed, people would have glorified Allah only on that night. 

Therefore, to conclude, during the last ten days of Ramadan, we should involve in all the acts of worship stated above to seek the pleasure of only Allah and no one else. And we sincerely pray that all Muslims around the world receive the opportunity to attain this blessed night – Aameen.  

Allah Knows Best


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